Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading: Pirates and Farmers

by robertrosenkranz on July 13, 2015

Dave Hickey is little known outside the art world, and within it is known as an iconoclast and provocateur. If you were looking to challenge your intellectual perspective, critic Dave Hickey crafts sharp arguments. His latest, Pirates and Farmers: Essays on the Frontiers of Art, contains brilliantly written essays about art and culture that captivate with style as well as insight. In fact, should Hickey ever be true to his word in quitting his art critic’s title, we can find relief in the intellectual nourishment his prose will always provide, regardless of topic.

robertrosenkranzRecommended Reading: Pirates and Farmers

Recommended Reading: Superpower

by robertrosenkranz on June 16, 2015

Ian Bremmer, one of the most charismatic debaters to grace the IQ2US stage, has ignited a national debate about America’s role as a superpower. In his new book, Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World, he presents a nation in a state of identity crisis, and explores three alternative paths to help us find our way. Bremmer asks, which superpower would you choose: Indispensable America? Moneyball America? Or Independent America?

robertrosenkranzRecommended Reading: Superpower

Recommended Reading: The Marshmallow Test

by robertrosenkranz on April 29, 2015

In this brilliant book, Walter Mischel surveys the current state of knowledge on mastery of self control. It is a profoundly optimistic book that argues that the ability to delay immediate gratification for the sake of future rewards is an acquirable cognitive skill.

This is hardly an obvious conclusion: the marshmallow test itself is a now famous experiment which presented pre-schoolers with a choice between a single marshmallow on demand, or two marshmallows if they could delay eating the first one for 20 minutes.

The test turned out to correlate with SAT scores, social and cognitive functioning, and sense of self worth.

robertrosenkranzRecommended Reading: The Marshmallow Test

Recommended Reading: Napoleon (the Great?)

by robertrosenkranz on April 21, 2015

Let me begin with a disclosure: Andrew Roberts is a good friend, and a member of the Intelligence Squared Advisory Council.  He is a brilliant historian, but has been called a shameless name-dropper.

Thus, I am sure he wouldn’t mind my mentioning that at a dinner I hosted in honor of this book he more than held his own in debate with Henry Kissinger and Boris Johnson. His recent biography is titled Napoleon in America and Napoleon the Great in Britain.  And therein lies the debate.

robertrosenkranzRecommended Reading: Napoleon (the Great?)

The People We Want To Be: David Brooks and The Road To Character

by robertrosenkranz on April 15, 2015

David Brooks, who has debated with Intelligence Squared U.S. several times and delivered the keynote address at our 100th debate celebration, summarizes his new book, The Road to Character.  Its the kind of secular sermon we need to hear and encourages us to think about what Brooks calls the “eulogy virtues” as distinguished from the “resume virtues.”

robertrosenkranzThe People We Want To Be: David Brooks and The Road To Character