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Recommended Reading: How Google Works

by robertrosenkranz on March 27, 2015

How Google Works is a fascinating look inside one of the most unique and effective corporate cultures anywhere. If you run a business or aspire to, or if you are starting one, you will almost surely come away with useful ideas.

Among the most resonant for me is the exhortation to think in transformative terms (growing your enterprise 10X not 10%); a continuous quest for knowledge broadly shared within the organization; and the emphasis on creating an environment where exceptionally smart and creative people feel at home.

This includes giving them substantial personal freedom, paying them very well, encouraging them to recruit their friends, and tolerating divas (but not knaves).

Good ideas for businesses; good ideas for non profits too.

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Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg came to Google over a decade ago as proven technology executives. At the time, the company was already well-known for doing things differently, reflecting the visionary–and frequently contrarian–principles of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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robertrosenkranzRecommended Reading: How Google Works

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