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Recommended Reading: The Marshmallow Test

by robertrosenkranz on April 29, 2015

In this brilliant book, Walter Mischel surveys the current state of knowledge on mastery of self control. It is a profoundly optimistic book that argues that the ability to delay immediate gratification for the sake of future rewards is an acquirable cognitive skill.

This is hardly an obvious conclusion: the marshmallow test itself is a now famous experiment which presented pre-schoolers with a choice between a single marshmallow on demand, or two marshmallows if they could delay eating the first one for 20 minutes.

The test turned out to correlate with SAT scores, social and cognitive functioning, and sense of self worth.

robertrosenkranzRecommended Reading: The Marshmallow Test

A Case for Art in the Workplace

by robertrosenkranz on April 7, 2015

For most, the phrase “corporate workplace art” conjures up benign landscapes, printed reproductions of gallery works, or forgettable prints that fail to even register with employees, blending away with the bustle of a busy work day.

As an avid and lifelong collector of art, from ancient sculpture to modern photography and even conceptual moving images, I believe in the influence of our aesthetic surroundings upon our shared daily experience. Unique, original and thoughtful art enriches our cultural and workplace lives, creating a vibrant and more productive environment. An inspired surrounding fosters creativity, regardless of an employee’s department or role within the organization.

robertrosenkranzA Case for Art in the Workplace