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How To Fix America’s Presidential Debates

by robertrosenkranz on June 20, 2016

Originally Published on The Huffington Post on June 16, 2016 by Robert Rosenkranz

Finally, America may have a shot at real presidential debates — debates that require the candidates to discuss substantive issues with depth and nuance, to marshal relevant facts, to respond to challenges, and to demonstrate their ability to transcend memorized sound bites and actually think on their feet. The current format is not real debate: it’s reality television and, we can all agree, it’s absurd.  It’s time to fix the presidential debates.


robertrosenkranzHow To Fix America’s Presidential Debates

Best of Enemies: The State of Debate

by robertrosenkranz on August 27, 2015

Originally published in the Huffington Post on 08/26/2015

The compelling new documentary, Best of Enemies, centers around an extraordinary series of debates between William F. Buckley, widely considered the intellectual godfather of the conservative movement, and Gore Vidal, the prolific leftist novelist and polemicist (and cousin to Jackie Onassis).

robertrosenkranzBest of Enemies: The State of Debate

Good Deflation: a “Tax Cut” for Working Families

by robertrosenkranz on February 3, 2015

My latest column for the Huffington Post challenges conventional wisdom that deflation is bad.  On the contrary, deflation driven by the rapid decline in oil prices is good news for America.  Declining oil prices are, for the average family, the economic equivalent of a large tax cut.  This is one “gift horse” we shouldn’t be looking in the mouth.

robertrosenkranzGood Deflation: a “Tax Cut” for Working Families

Notes From the Front: Are We Securing Our Vital Interests Abroad?

by robertrosenkranz on March 29, 2011

Originally Published in The Huffington Post
If only we had political leadership worthy of our military. That’s the one sentence take away from my recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan (under the auspices of the Council on Foreign Relations, headed by Max Boot, their senior defense analyst, two of their military fellows and about 10 DVs — military parlance for distinguished visitors).

robertrosenkranzNotes From the Front: Are We Securing Our Vital Interests Abroad?