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Free Speech Is Threatened on Campus

by robertrosenkranz on August 3, 2016

Debate Overview

There are some today who argue that colleges and universities have arrived at a point in time where the directive to create a more inclusive space has actually produced an atmosphere less tolerant of diverse opinion.

Does the removal of offensive language or images amount to suppression of free speech?


robertrosenkranzFree Speech Is Threatened on Campus

Debate Introduction: Remarks on Freedom Of Speech

by robertrosenkranz on January 14, 2015

Freedom of expression was a topic at the center of one of our earliest debates at Intelligence Squared U.S. At the time we presented the debate, in 2006, the motion seemed like an effortless win for the proposers, with more than 83% voting in favor of the motion.  Must freedom of expression include the license to offend?

robertrosenkranzDebate Introduction: Remarks on Freedom Of Speech